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Charles Anthony (1816-1892) was an attorney and the first Vice-President of Riverside Cemetery when it was incorporated on June 24, 1857. He was also Postmaster from 1853 until he resigned in 1855. The private banking house of Charles Anthony and Company was established on October 1, 1860 on the corner of Main and Park Streets and later became the Bank of Gouverneur. Anthony was President of the Village Trustees in 1861.

The Gouverneur Agricultural and Mechanical Fair was initiated in 1859 with Anthony as President. The first fair was held on September 14, 15, and 16 with 2,000 tickets sold at the gate and more than 200 family tickets sold. The fair was held in the northwest corner of Main Street and Rock Island Road which the Gouverneur Agricultural and Mechanical Society leased for five years from Anthony. The Gouverneur/St. Lawrence County Fair is still a successful event held each year.

He was also a founding Director and Treasurer of the Gouverneur Waterworks on August 1, 1867. In 1868, the Works were powered by a water-wheel located on the island in the river, below the bridge. The company laid about one mile of pipe and put in 16 hydrants. The main pipe extended from the water house to Spencer's hotel and was taken to other portions of the village. By 1890, the cross pipes had been laid and water was introduced into private residences, although nearly every place of business on Main Street had been supplied with running water.

waterpipe This wooden water pipe, displayed in the Museum's cellar, was dug up in 1952 at the corner of South Gordon and East Main Streets.

Gouverneur Hose Company No.1 was organized on April 29, 1868 with a hose-carriage, hose, hooks and ladders. The first fire company had been a bucket brigade, organized about 1859. This second fire brigade was organized in 1868 was the Gouverneur Hose Company No.1, complete with red shirts, hats and belts. They had a hose cart pulled by hand and used on Main Street only. They used the new village water line.
fountain hook and ladder fair

The watering trough, installed
in 1868 with the water line.

The hose carriage can be found
in the Museum's out building.
The Gouverneur Agricultural and
Mechanical Society's Fair.