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In 1890, Jane Ann Williams Parker wrote one of the first books about Gouverneur's history, entitled Gouverneur, Past and Present. Her book was republished for the country's Bicentennial by the Historical Association under the title, Gouverneur, A History 1805 to 1890. Parker's work was enhanced by the work of editors Margaret H. Gleason and Margaret E. Nulty. They expertly added photos and genealogies to enhance Parker's words.

Julius Bartlett, a town historian in 1955, wrote about this early period for the Sesqui- Centennial History, published in 1955 by the Historical Association. In 2005, the scrapbooks were opened again for Gouverneur's Bicentennial and notable events from 1955 to 2005 were selected to be included with Julius Bartlett's essay.

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The links below link to the pdf version of those pages. Books have been broken into parts to make the download easier. The books are also available for purchase in the Museum Shop. However, no copies of the Sesqui-Centennial History are available.

A History 1805-1890
by Jane A.W. Parker
Sesqui-Centennial History
1805 - 1955
Bicentennial History

Part One: pg.1-25
Part One: pg. 26-46
Part Two: pg. 47-74
Appendix I: Notes
Appendix II: Genealogies

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Part One: Highlights in the History of Gouverneur, 1805-1955 by Julius Bartlett

Part Two: Gouverneur History 1955-2005 by the Bicentennial Committee