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In 2014-2015, the Victorian Bedroom was freshly wallpapered, painted and reorganized. Volunteers and Board members Katie Pistolesi, Diane Goodell, and Sandy Wyman, along with Curator Joe Laurenza, gave the bedroom a much-needed facelift.


The Victorian Bedroom is complete with a bed, dressers, and all the usual necessities. The wash basin is ready since, some households didn't have indoor bathrooms. The Manse did. It was built in 1904, a beautiful yellow brick and marble home for the Presbyterian minister and family. It was a gift from Mrs. Myra Dean and her daughters, Miss Jennie Dean and Miss Cora Dean. The old parsonage was removed to John Street and was know afterward as the Fox house.


One thing we do know, the Manse was not air conditioned in 1904. As hats and hem lines come in and out of fashion, so have other accessories for women, like carrying a fan. The museum has quite a collection of these very handy items. Even the North Country can get hot and humid in the summertime. Women of the Victorian Era wore long and sometimes heavy dresses. A fan would have been the portable air conditioner of the day.


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