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The Museum's Living Room is filled with treasures which have been donated by local residents or were given to the museum through long-standing town or village collection. Everything you see, in every room of the museum, has local ties, either to individuals, businesses or families.

An example of donations by residents is the marble table in the corner of the room. It was donated by Mrs. H.W. Sprague. The desk under the window was made from a small reed organ called melodeon and was donated by Ruth Cahoon (Mrs. Weldon.) It had once belonged to Henry Scott. The unusual set of turned wooden cups came from the Village of Gouverneur's collection when the museum was established.

dinnerbell They are not cups at all, but are tools for a cigar smoker. The Cigar Smoker kit has five pieces, the tall bowl in the back holds the cigars. The item to the right is a cutting blade to trim the cigars. The item to the left is for a candle. The bowl in the front is for the ashes. Between the ash tray and the cutter is a small metal plate, but unfortunately, age has obscured the information.


The wide angle photo, below, has "hot spots" that (when you roll your cursor over them) will pop up a window with a closer view. Click away from the hot spot to close the pop up photo or click the X on the window.

Cigar Smoker's kit
Donated to the village in 1962
by Mr. and Mrs. Leon Peabody.

Rung at 5:PM for dinner at the St.Lawrence Inn.


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